As a London cabbie who received my badge in 2018, I have lived through the battle that the London Cab trade has suffered relying on a fair Taxi app that works for the drivers. ​

There are numerous taxi apps in London, one Black Taxi app, and two Black taxi apps that also allow Private Hire on their Platforms. ​ As a driver, I always hoped that the Black Taxi app would switch to a commission basis and allow Yellow badges onto their platform but this never materialized.

​ I decided to develop Taxi-Now in 2020 on the basis that we could offer a fair 1% commission to run, maintain and advertise the app, there is a payment processing fee for each transaction but during the negotiation with the payment processing company, we have discussed the possibility of getting a better rate as soon as we reach a certain monthly amount.

Taxi-Now will continuously work for the drivers to make sure that they are always getting the best commission on card payments as possible. ​ As the owner of Taxi-Now, I am very passionate about the taxi trade and its security and will make a solum promise that the driver's 1% commission will never rise. ​ Once a month Taxi-Now will send out a newsletter about all new business acquired and driver and passenger downloads, promotions that we will be running. ​ All the best ​ Taxi-Now